I Am An Isolationist Running From The Corrupt Embrace Of Human Emotion

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This piece started out as a pile of cables I had collected from around my room. I set a large cutting mat out on the floor underneath a lamp, and began playing around with the cables on the mat, arranging them in different ways, sometimes scrambling them up and just dropping them down altogether, and taking pictures of them as I went.

The next day, I deliberated over the images, and selected a few which I liked to begin to experiment with on photoshop, cutting the outlines of the cables out to see them alone against a solid colored background.

This is the arrangement I eventually decided to go with. I loved it because of the human connection and narrative that went with it, at least in my head. To me, it looked like a determined humanoid running.

That became the basis for the message in the background: I am an Isolationist running from the corrupt embrace of human emotion, which, in all honesty, has been an accurate descriptor of me many times in my life, including the time in which I made this image.

I started by making the digital image, and then moved to the painting. I was exacting in my measurements and preparations.

After transferring the outlines of the image over with a projector and pencil, I painted in the wires with liquid frisket, then free-handed the lettering with sharpies.

The background was an intricate, multi-layer process, the result of which unfortunately doesn’t translate well in photograph, but is striking up close.

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