Colored Portraits

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This was an amazing project. Using a self portrait I had made of myself as the basis, I created 100 images with technical variations to them, and represented those variations visually at the bottom of each image.

Then, I elicited the help of others to explore the emotional and psychological responses that these variations brought on in the mind of the viewer. It was an incredibly interesting and engaging process, and I am very grateful for the help I received.

I narrowed down the responses to each image to create a narrative. At this point, rather than just reporting back the results of the study, by selecting certain words and phrases, and in a few cases adding my own, I took a stand on the matter. I asserted that this is what these colors mean. This is what these add to the story. A viewer can approach the work and disagree with it or agree with it, which is something that I appreciate.

It’s final product is in book form, and available for purchase at the above link.

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