Nude Model Studys


I remember this was a very difficult week for me.

It was towards the end of the year, with the stress of finals and moving approaching, and I had just gotten a cold.

The combination of these things triggered my Hashimoto’s Disease, causing my thyroid to go crazy. I was nauseated, dizzy, having full on hot flashes, diarrhea— I missed several days of school. For five days I didn’t even leave my room.

And then after going to the hospital and having labs done, I was finally able to haul myself back to class.

We were working with nude model, sketching him as he held various poses from anywhere between two to twenty minutes. We were expected to stand the whole time we drew, an arms length from our aisles. This in itself was the most difficult thing for me, because I simply did not have the strength to.

With Hashimoto’s Disease, your body doesn’t attack just your thyroid, but it also attacks the cerebellum in your brain. A combination of these two and inflammation caused by the damage leads to extreme brain fog and dizziness.

Consequently, even if I attempted to stand at the beginning, by the end of each session I was the only artist in the room sitting on a stool as she worked.

It was incredibly draining. The quality of my drawings dramatically decreased as I struggled to just remain upright and not pass out or throw up. Some sketches I stopped early simply because I didn’t have the strength to keep my arm up anymore. In some I made rouge marks to the side of the drawing to feign productivity, so that the others in the room would hopefully not notice me.

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