Ode To Your Bullshit – Stirrup Vessel

I have been very fortunate all of my life. Until very recently, I have never encountered the sort of person who will lie to your face, pretend to be your friend, and then talk shit behind your back.

It’s a very guttural, primitive sensation, when it finally hits you what has happened. I felt like all the years of culture and education that have been built into me, in that moment, suddenly were nothing- and I was finally sharing in what I had somehow avoided for so long- this realization that you have been taken for a ride, this realization that every primate likely at some point in each one’s existence has also experienced.

I felt so plainly human, so devoid of pretension and frivolity and pomp and high cultural learning. I felt more like I had just pulled a thorny vine through my tongue ritualistically and now was squatting over red clay-filled dirt taking a dump. (I love the idea that everyone in the world throughout all of history has defecated- how humbling and unifying that idea is-) so I modeled my piece off of ancient stirrup vessels from Mesoamerica. The tail and horns on the vessel are western symbols of a trickster (like a monkey) and a liar (like a devil). Needless to say, this guy is two-faced.

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