Pushing Sensation


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Texture. Ooh, deep, gooey, reeking texture-

First semester my sophomore year of college started off with a series of existential crises, beginning with coming to terms with my personal sort of drawing style.

I love texture. I love expressing the feeling of a thing, it’s sensation more than it’s actual form. I grappled with the idea of whether or not I had earned the right by merit to push these sorts of things yet, whether it was ultimately to my detriment- or if I ought to constrain myself longer and push a more rigid style.

This is the first piece that I delighted in in the midst of this, the piece that decided to me that I could ‘push’ my work further in every classical sense, while working in this style. This was the piece at which I felt at home in my work, felt excited and content and wanting to do more.

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