Adolescent Overloaded


My brother is the most patient person I have ever met. Beyond that, he is mature, kind, and clever.

He is also in puberty. And when people (especially adults) he doesn’t know come over to the house, he is so awkward.

He sits in the corner of the room and stares silently, as if he is trapped inside himself, overstimulated. When I see him do this, it just makes me all the more grateful that he is generous and bold in opening up to me and sharing with me his own self, as much as he does.

However this thing that he does can be jarring and unsettling- and I find it deeply intriguing. I tried to capture that feeling, that sensation that I see in my brother’s eyes in those jarring moments in this mask, so that I could hopefully come to better understand it.

Maybe I am a terrible sister for saying it, but when I look at this mask I see in it a part of the brother who I admire and love.


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