Hairy Lady

My grandmother hates it, but I don’t shave very much, regardless of what I am wearing.

Originally, when planning this piece, I wanted to write in circles around the boarder ‘I don’t shave, but I am not a feminist.’ I don’t think shaving  has anything to do with women’s rights, men’s or society’s standards, or anything of the sort. It’s not a difficult issue. If you don’t want to shave, just don’t do it. If it is a question of society verses fill-in-the-blank, then this is an issue of society vs. nature.

In this self portrait, the woman’s arms and legs are wrapped around like a strand of DNA, indicating that body hair is natural. The body is embellished with boarders of lace, which, of course, is feminine. Lastly, it is finished off with a frame of fingerprints, which is as basic and simple as it gets, but somehow still elegant.

Like this piece?

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