The Goal – Ambition

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This was one of my first silkscreen pieces. Between The Quiet Workshoppe, school, and my other projects, I’ve had many things that I am working towards. It is constantly there in my mind, whether in the forefront or in the back- this reaching. And that in itself has been a sort of point of contention for me. Is it right, as a moral person, to try so hard to reach success in what ultimately is a worldly aim? I don’t know. But the opposite of that, apathy as opposed to passion, listlessness as opposed to drive, seems to me far worse. Further, in my studies I seem to find time and time again that written into the fabric of reality is a sort of moral injunction to go out into the world and be a maker. So I am putting in the effort, and pushing forward.

Prints of my work may be made available on my Redbubble shop upon request.

One thought on “The Goal – Ambition

  1. Marita,      You have certainly been busy.       I read all the commentary on each piece and liked your description of John the most.     Keep up the good work.     Your grandmother tolerated your comments about her.         Have a good semester. Love,Pappy | maritachustak posted: “” | | Respond to this post by replying above this line |

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