The Cosmic Dance

This was my first intaglio piece of the semester. It is a copper plate etching, and each of the prints you see above was pulled from the same plate. Some of the variances show the progression of the piece through different stage bites, and some show the broad range of effects possible through creative mono-type-esque inking. I utilized a number of oil ink, solvent based printing techniques; including marbling with Asphaltum and Kerosene, crackle ground with Gum Arabic, many relief rolls, and hard ground resit etchings in Ferric Chloride for as many as eight hours. The haunting anthropomorphic figures dance around the cosmic forms, alluding to the dance that underpins life. Hot particles move up and out, cold particles move down and in. Planets spin and rotate. Humans, in there own ways, are dancing constantly about the face of the earth. This piece was meant to tap into that rhythmic energy.

If you would like to purchase a print of this piece through my online Redbubble store, contact me and I will gladly make it available.

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