Polish Inspired Folkware + 3D Printing + Slipcasting


This project had a lot of components to it, and I definitely do not yet consider it done. But it was such a step forward for me in terms of the skill sets I acquired in working on it that I felt it was appropriate to include it on my website as it.

I started off by doing a study of Polish pottery forms and shapes, and then using 3D modeling software I made my own based on the composite of what I found. I printed the form out in two halves on a plastic extrusion 3D printer.

After assembling the two halves and patching the seams I made a plaster mold of the piece, and then dove into slip casting for the first time. Working with slip casting is different from hand building or wheel throwing on so many levels, even glaze behaves differently on slip cast forms because it is a different clay body.

Moving forward, I want to continue with the same form but improve my surface treatment and efficiency. Stay tuned to see where I go with this next!


One thought on “Polish Inspired Folkware + 3D Printing + Slipcasting

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