Artist Statement

Art is about exploring. Exploring within yourself and exploring the world you live in. This is at the heart of what I do as an artist. My body of work is an amalgamation. I pair traditional printmaking with digital printing techniques; clay, metal, plaster, writing, pencil, computer, light—my work flows between these different mediums, ignoring boundaries with an unquenchable itch to discover, make, and learn.

The universe was created with great power, and as particles were drawn together planets formed. Our own world circles around a flaming mass in the sky and is governed by laws which we are ever trying to discern. Electrons circle round their nucleus just as the moon circles round its earth. Air currents move along predetermined paths, and water dances from the surface into the skies and back down again.

The world is full of pattern, symbolism, and awe-inspiring truths that we as humans need not travel to explore. My goal as an artist is to look at these things, see them, and through my work better understand and reflect them. This has taken many forms throughout the years, and is in itself an adventure.



Marita Chustak is an artist from Mishawaka, Indiana. Her work grapples with the realities of life, connecting her own experiences with the broader cosmic experience. She works with both traditional and modern techniques, and explores many mediums including metal, printmaking, ceramics, and photography.

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